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Re: UBC Load Combinations

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Refer to ACI 318-99, Appendix C for load factors to be used for concrete
design with the 1997 UBC earthquake loads.

"Javier Encinas" <jencinas(--nospam--at)> on 03/27/2000 01:41:03 PM

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Subject:  Re: UBC Load Combinations

Refer to the Exceptions at the bottom of 1612.2.2.1. Basically, section
1909.2 governs when seismic load is not included. Otherwise, section
1612.2.1 governs with a factor of 1.1.

Javier Encinas
ASDIP Structural Software
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Date: Monday, March 27, 2000 4:00 PM
Subject: UBC Load Combinations

>Per the 1997 UBC, which load factors/load combinations are to be used for
>concrete design?  In UBC chapter 19, all the ACI load combinations/load
>are given EXCEPT for earthquake.  Section 1909.2.3 states that the load
>combinations/load factors of Section 1612.2.1 are to be used.  Does this
>ONLY the load combinations with "E" or does this mean to use all the
>1612.2.1 load combinations in lieu of the ACI combinations?
>Thomas Hunt, S.E.
>Duke/Fluor Daniel