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Re: Factory Mutual Span

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The FMRC (Factory Mutual Research Corp.) Approval Guide describes details of
FM-approved roofing systems for fire and wind uplift. It is like the various
UL directories that list roofing systems or fire-rated systems and specs. FMRC
has their own engineering staff (Factory Mutual Engineering Corp.) that
inspects building design and construction to provide FM "approval" for
insuring companies that they deal with for commercial buildings. The advice
that you got from others to check on FMRC specs is correct, if the building
owner plans to insure the building with one of these insurance companies. The
FM engineers will coordinate with you on the building specs, which are often
more stringent and conservative than generic specs or code minimums.
John Rose/APA, Tacoma, WA

Richard Lewis wrote:

> I am looking for information on the maximum Factory Mutual span for 22 ga.
> 1-1/2" wide rib roof deck.  My United Steel Deck catalog gives a 6'-0" max
> span for the FMS span.  The footnote tells me this is for  class 1
> construction.  It refers to FMRC Approval Guide.
> Can anybody elaborate of what this means?
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