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RE: Anchor in Bending

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Reference: Strength Design of Anchorage to Concrete, Ronald Cook, PCA, 1999.
Example 4 is a single fastener in tension and shear near an edge.  Example 5
is a group of tension and shear fasteners near two edges.  The only thing
that would have to be added is the interaction of shear and tension on the
bolt.  The example checks the interaction of shear and tension on the
concrete.  This document represents elements that will be included in the
2000 NEHRP and in the ACI 318-2002.

Reference: Steel Design Guide #7 Industrial Buildings, Roofs to Column
Anchorage, by Fisher, AISC, 1993.  Example 9.4.2 is for combined tension and
shear loads.  I would not use this without also using elements and
interaction checks contained in the PCA Strength Design of Anchorage to

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Anchor in Bending
> Problem:
> A steel rod, partially embedded into concrete, is subjected to a bending 
> moment(for example, an anchor bolt experiencing shear force at a 
> considerable distance from T.O.C.).
> Where can I find a usable design procedure for such case?
> Steve Gordin, S.E.
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