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Re: NDE Testing of grouted Multi-Strand PreStressing Tendons

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You may use "impact echo technique" . There is web page about that , but I do
not remember. The technique  is rather new but very promising.


KRALIK Georg -NUCLEAR wrote:

> Can anyone in this group refer me to a web page or provide some information
> on any available non-destructive methods of testing grouted pre-tensioned
> tendons in an in-service situation.  In our facility we are using a
> combination of grouted and greased "sister" test beams, which are
> periodically tested - greased tendon test beams are tested for lift-off and
> strands extracted to be visually checked for corrosion, and grouted tendon
> test beams are tested in bending and anchorages are visually inspected, and
> finally one grouted tendon beam is periodically destructed and the tendon
> examined for corrosion.  These test beams are kept on site in a storage area
> at ambient temperatures.
> However these test beams do not provide us with any information on the
> possible early degradation of pre-stress losses due to higher temperature
> environments in our plant.
> We need to find some NDE method which lets us examine these grouted tendons
> in place, while the plant is in operation.
> Please reply to my e-mail address or this news group.  Thank you . . .
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