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RE: NDE Testing of grouted Multi-Strand PreStressing Tendons

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Check out:

Contact the FHWA about Magnetic-Based System for NDE of Prestressing Steel
in Prestressed Concrete.  Check it out at  It is supposed to be an
inspection tool for the detection and quantification of corrosion and strand
breakage in prestressed concrete.   I believe that Wiss, Janney & Elstner is
working on this also.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	NDE Testing of grouted Multi-Strand PreStressing Tendons
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> Can anyone in this group refer me to a web page or provide some
> information
> on any available non-destructive methods of testing grouted pre-tensioned
> tendons in an in-service situation.  In our facility we are using a
> combination of grouted and greased "sister" test beams, which are
> periodically tested - greased tendon test beams are tested for lift-off
> and
> strands extracted to be visually checked for corrosion, and grouted tendon
> test beams are tested in bending and anchorages are visually inspected,
> and
> finally one grouted tendon beam is periodically destructed and the tendon
> examined for corrosion.  These test beams are kept on site in a storage
> area
> at ambient temperatures.
> However these test beams do not provide us with any information on the
> possible early degradation of pre-stress losses due to higher temperature
> environments in our plant.
> We need to find some NDE method which lets us examine these grouted
> tendons
> in place, while the plant is in operation.
> Please reply to my e-mail address or this news group.  Thank you . . . 
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