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RE: Composite steel beams with metal deck slabs

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Look at page 6-57, section I 5.4. Strength of Channel Shear Connectors.  I
can't find where channel shear connectors are precluded.  I do see that they
aren't specifically listed  in the reference in section 5.b.  I don't know
why you couldn't use the same reduction factor as for studs in a formed
steel deck using the strength of the channel connectors.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Composite steel beams with metal deck slabs
> I am designing a simply supported beams spanning 15ft ,spaced at 11ft 3"
> on centers , to be composite with a 5" thick floor slab made up of 3"
> deep deck pans with 2" concrete topping. The mid span moment is  77 Kip
> feet and I want to use a W10x15 with composite action.
> The problem is that stud connectors are not available and m.s channels
> are the norm in this country. AISC LRFD 1986 only permits the use of
> studs  with a steel decking system.
> Does anyone know if there are any codes that allow the use of channels
> with metal deck floor?. Any other recommendations ?. I do not trust
> fillet welding bolts to the top flange.
> I have used channels in the past but with an additional safety factor
> which has worked well .
> Thank You
> Mark Francois