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RE: Composite steel beams with metal deck slabs

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Title: RE: Composite steel beams with metal deck slabs

>From: Sprague, Harold O.
>Look at page 6-57, section I 5.4. Strength of Channel Shear Connectors.  I
>can't find where channel shear connectors are precluded.  I do see that they
>aren't specifically listed  in the reference in section 5.b.  I don't know
>why you couldn't use the same reduction factor as for studs in a formed
>steel deck using the strength of the channel connectors.

Harold is correct as usual.

There's not much treatment of channel shear connectors for composite construction anymore in the AISC Specification because shear stud connectors have become so ubiquitous for this application in U.S. practice. But there is nothing that precludes the use of channels. As Harold indicated, the design information is still maintained in the AISC Specification.