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stapled sheet metal blocking (wood diaphragm)

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This message is mainly intended for John Rose of APA but I am interested in
hearing from anyone else who might have had some experience with this. 

There is an old APA report dated 2/5/85 that describes a procedure for
stapling 24 or 26 gage sheet metal to an unblocked plywood diaphragm. The
conclusion is that strength of the diaphragm can be increased to the
equivalent of a blocked diaphragm by following this procedure. 

In our case, we have proposal for applying this procedure to a 1x straight
sheathing in a URM building. The questions are:

1-	Is this report still valid?
2-	Can it be extrapolated to 1x sheeting with the expectation of
achieving the same capacity as plywood?

Thanks for any input

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA