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Blast Resistant Doors

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I would send the manufacturer a copy of Chapter 6 "Blast Doors" of NAVFAC
Design Manual 2.08 "Blast Resistant Structures".  It shows a step by step
example of the design of a blast door with a given pressure-time loading.

Harold Sprague
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	Subject:	Blast Resistant Doors

	I am having a rather difficult time communicating with a certain
well-known manufacturer of doors for industrial use where blast pressure is
a concern.

	In the specification, we gave a description of a blast impulse
function thus:

	1.  At time t=0 seconds, Blast Pressure plus Gas Pressure equals 784

	2.  At time t=0.29 milliseconds, Blast Pressure plus Gas Pressure
equals 19.8 psi.

	3.  At time t=32.1 milliseconds, Blast Pressure plus Gas Pressure
equals 0 psi.

	4. The function in the time domain representing Blast Pressure plus
Gas Pressure is assumed linear between the points described.

	However, the blast door manufacturer insists that "no door that we
manufacture can withstand 784 psi". He seems to be clueless as to the
difference between the rapidly-decaying blast impulse described above, and a
"static pressure" of 784 psi.

	Am I the one who's all screwed up here? How else could I possibly
describe the design criteria (since we've already designed the walls for