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RE: stapled sheet metal blocking (wood diaphragm)

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Not to sound flippant, Ben, but if the laws of physics are still valid, the report is probably still valid, too! We used this approach to retrofit uncblocked diaphragms. We used sheet metal strips at the joints with screws, but the concept is similar. 

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> Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2000 10:11 AM
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> Subject: stapled sheet metal blocking (wood diaphragm)
> This message is mainly intended for John Rose of APA but I am 
> interested in
> hearing from anyone else who might have had some experience 
> with this. 
> There is an old APA report dated 2/5/85 that describes a procedure for
> stapling 24 or 26 gage sheet metal to an unblocked plywood 
> diaphragm. The
> conclusion is that strength of the diaphragm can be increased to the
> equivalent of a blocked diaphragm by following this procedure. 
> In our case, we have proposal for applying this procedure to 
> a 1x straight
> sheathing in a URM building. The questions are:
> 1-	Is this report still valid?
> 2-	Can it be extrapolated to 1x sheeting with the expectation of
> achieving the same capacity as plywood?
> Thanks for any input
> Ben Yousefi, SE
> San Jose, CA