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Re: Cantilevered Glass

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If you use appropriate factors of safety, this application seems feasible.  My glass table at home has been working fine for years.  You can find some schematic pictures of structural glass roof and wall panels for the new Seattle city hall at . The glass designer for this project has built some pretty impressive structural glass structures that cantilever much farther than this counter would.
Jason Emoto
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Note that glass experiences fatigue, and even experiences static fatigue (fatigue under a constant force, does not require load cycles).  Thus, a design that performs just fine initially could fail without warning one day when it gets loaded one too many times.  That is one of the reasons it is not a popular structural material (beside its brittleness).

Paul Crocker

Someone has asked me about a (single) cantilevered glass shelf.  It would be placed upon a 3' high CMU wall, and bolted between gaskets & steel plates down with anchor bolts.  (The UPS guy would be dropping packages there.)

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