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Re: cantilevered glass

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 "Ed Fasula" <tibbits2(--nospam--at)  wrote
>Someone has asked me about a (single) cantilevered glass shelf.  It =
>would be placed upon a 3' high CMU wall, and bolted between gaskets & =
>steel plates down with anchor bolts.  (The UPS guy would be dropping 
>packages there.)

>Has someone got references, leads, experience... that I could use to =
>determine the appropriate type and thickness of glass - or type of kite =
>to tell the designer to go fly?

Contact a Glass manufacturer PPG Industries.  Ask about their technical 
service and recommendations about utilization of High Strength Glass for this 
application.  If it can be done the engineers at PPG's Corporate office in 
Pittsburgh will help with suggestions.  

Jay L. Crawford, PE