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Re: the best calculation and analysis program

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Dear Dana,

Please, look at

Marcelo P. Picarelli

If you are a Webmaster or an Administrator of a
NON-COMMERCIAL Structural Engineering site
(Association, Universities, Groups and Forum of
Debate, Codes, Law, Libraries, Courses, Writers, etc),
register your site in

Look at
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--- Dana Michele  <dana.michele(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> I am writing from Spain and am interested to know
> which is the BEST, most p
> opular, and most widely purchased structural
> analysis and calculation progr
> am (for civil/structural engineers) on the market
> today. Opinions are fine 
> and wholely welcomed, but also, does anyone know if
> their is some sort of s
> tatistical source(without me going to the site of
> every company´s sales a
> nd comparing myself)which can tell me which product
> is really the best? tha
> nx, dana

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