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Re: the best calculation and analysis program

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There are quite a few of these programs around. I doubt you can get so
definitive an answer as you appear to be seeking. It takes anyone a good bit
of time and effort to learn a particular piece of software well enough to
feel comfortable with it. I would think that personal biases would be
reinforced by a reluctance to repeat the learning experience (under
deadline). I think companies tend to want to use a single software source.
So biases are institutionalized.

I've been using Visual Analysis for several years now, and I'm completely
sold on it. I believe it was the first finite element software conceived for
a graphical windows environment. It is especially good because of it's
graphics. It's simple to import results to other windows programs, like Word
for presentation. They also have design packages. I have found the support
to be excellent. I had previously used RISA, and before that a PC version of
SAP that had limited graphical capabilities. I looked at STAAD and AVANNSE
(sp?). All of these seem to get the job done, but in my opinion, none as
well as VA.

Jerry Middaugh, PE

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Subject: the best calculation and analysis program

> I am writing from Spain and am interested to know which is the BEST, most
> opular, and most widely purchased structural analysis and calculation
> am (for civil/structural engineers) on the market today. Opinions are fine
> and wholely welcomed, but also, does anyone know if their is some sort of
> tatistical source(without me going to the site of every company´s sales a
> nd comparing myself)which can tell me which product is really the best?
> nx, dana