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RE: Texas Twisters

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Driving in this morning from the west (approximately parallel
to the tornado's path), I noticed many smaller (1 and 2 story)
buildings demolished.  Most were older construction.  Many
were warehouses.  These are not getting the BIG press coverage.

Stan's comment about the selectivity of the tornado is correct.
Our office is a block and a half over from the Bank One Building
and is completely untouched.  Our office manager was in the
building at the time.  Most of the older (1920-30s) buildings
downtown were undamaged, except for an occasional

Everyone is lucky it arrived at 6:45p instead of 4:45p.

Ralph Benson
Huitt-Zollars, Inc.

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Okay all you Texans out there.  News reports show a lot of buildings w/o
glass left in them, but I haven't seen anything (except residential
buildings) that fell down (or up).  How are the STRUCTURES holding up?


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About 6:15 PM yesterday, just as the monthly SEAoT dinner meeting was
getting underway in Dallas, two tornadoes struck nearby Fort Worth and
Arlington.  These tornadoes were more selective than normal, avoiding
targets such as mobile homes and pre-engineered metal buildings.
they devastated major office buildings and other large structures in
downtown Fort Worth and two-story wood frame brick homes in south
Many of the high-rise buildings in downtown Fort Worth lost most or all
their glass curtainwalls, and the central business district will
be closed for several days.  (Whoever was recently thinking of using
as a structural material should forget about it!)  The local FBI office
destroyed, and agents are scouring nearby parking lots this morning for
their confidential files, which literally scattered in the wind.  More
100 homes were damaged, and at least thirty were destroyed.
only four people were killed and very few were seriously injured.

The links below provide various videos of the tornadoes.  At noon today
(CST), you can watch live storm coverage at the third link.


Stan Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas