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RE: details and nuances (civil vs. structural vs. architectural e ngineering)

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Title: RE: details and nuances (civil vs. structural vs. architectural engineering)

> ... when i go to the web sites of university engineering
>programs i see that sometimes there are just civil
>engineering degrees and sometimes there are structural
>engineering degrees, and sometimes there are both.
>i am curious to know if there is a difference....

The history of engineering disciplines was once explained to me this way.

There used to be two kinds of engineers: military and civil. As the private-sector influence grew, civil became the dominant area. Then, segments within the civil engineering community began to specialize into disciplines like electrical, mechanical, chemical, etc. Civil still housed anything that hadn't broken off into a specialty discipline.

Today, it seems that the structures specialty is called by many different names: civil engineering, structural engineering, architectural engineering (my favorite, since that's what my alma mater Penn State called it -- go Nittany Lions!), building engineering, ... There are probably other derivations and combinations too.