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Clarifier grout topping

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I am hoping for some feedback/advice on installation of a
fiber-reinforced grout topping in a clarifier which I designed.

I have specified that, after water blasting of the slab, a cement slurry
be troweled onto the concrete surface immediately prior to the grout
topping placement.  The question has come up about a spec for the cement
slurry, and whether a bond breaker can be used in its place.  The reason
for the specified surface prep is my understanding that a bonding agent
is not recommended because of the likelyhood of improper installation
leading to it acting as a bond breaker.

First, is there another successful method that should be used?  And, if
a slurry is appropriate, is there a suggested mix specification.  (I
should note that the specification was created using a standard spec
with a long track record, but I have learned again to not put a simple
material description in a spec without knowing exactly what is needed!)

Thanks in advance for any help.

Brad Hughes