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Re: Clarifier grout topping

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Could you use a bonding agent such as Sika Armatec
110?  It is my understanding that it has a longer time
than most for how long it can be out in the open
before you have to place the concrete on top.  I'm
sure your local Sika rep could fill you in on the
details and - at least around here - if the job is big
enough, you might even get the rep to meet with the
contractor on site to make sure that all proper
installation procedures are understood.
Ken Peoples, P.E.
Lehigh Valley Technical Associates
Northampton, PA

--- Brad Hughes <brad(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> I am hoping for some feedback/advice on installation
> of a
> fiber-reinforced grout topping in a clarifier which
> I designed.
> I have specified that, after water blasting of the
> slab, a cement slurry
> be troweled onto the concrete surface immediately
> prior to the grout
> topping placement.  The question has come up about a
> spec for the cement
> slurry, and whether a bond breaker can be used in
> its place.  The reason
> for the specified surface prep is my understanding
> that a bonding agent
> is not recommended because of the likelyhood of
> improper installation
> leading to it acting as a bond breaker.
> First, is there another successful method that
> should be used?  And, if
> a slurry is appropriate, is there a suggested mix
> specification.  (I
> should note that the specification was created using
> a standard spec
> with a long track record, but I have learned again
> to not put a simple
> material description in a spec without knowing
> exactly what is needed!)
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Brad Hughes
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