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to be an american civil engineer

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What is necessary to be a civil engineer in the united states? In more deta
il the question is(though feel free to expand as you want because there cou
ld be answers to questions that i didn´t know to ask):

1.What skills do you have after getting a B.S. in Civil Engineering?  What 
can you do?  Do the students learn many programs? What are the job opportun

2.After a student earns his/her B.S. are they now free to practice c.e. or 
do they need to take tests?  I assume so, probably by state, so...are these
 extremely difficult?  Do you need to study things that you never learned i
n University in order to pass?

3.What is the purpose of a graduate degree in Civil Engineering?  Benefits?
  Is it necessary?

4.In the end, what exactly do American civil engineers do? for example, des
ign? calculation? analysis? decoration?