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RE: Welding & TI 809-26

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I thought I saw your finger prints on it.  Well done!

Only one problem.  Page D-12 got whacked when it was scanned.  Only the
first sentence is there.  Check it out on the USACE web site.  Are we
missing anything in particular?

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	RE: Welding & TI 809-26
> Thanks, Harold. I take that as a big compliment, and it means a lot from
> you. Your expertise is always respected on this server.
> I prepared the document for the Corps, under contract through URS/
> Greiner.
> It's always a challenge to put this material into usable terms, and
> satisfy
> the Corps requirements. I'm glad it is considered valuable to the
> engineering community today.
> Bob Shaw
> Steel Structures Technology Center
> PS - I'm planning on bringing the Structural Welding: Design and
> Specification seminar back to Kansas City this Fall. I'm focusing on the
> West Coast in April, and the East in May. St. Louis, KC, Denver is
> included
> in the list for Fall.
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> Subject: Welding & TI 809-26
> To all those that require welding of any type.
> Get a copy of the USACE TI 809-26, Welding - Design Procedures and
> Inspections, 1 March 2000.  It is one of the most comprehensive welding
> documents that I have seen.  It covers welding, alloys, welding to
> existing
> old structures, studs, inspection, high seismic, fatigue, design
> considerations, etc.  It is a must read available for the price of free
> from
> the USACE at
> My hat is off to the US Army Corps of Engineers.
> Regards,
> Harold Sprague