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Re: Retaining wall question

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Just two points:

1.- We generally don't use the pasive pressure in the sliding calculations
because in nearby all cases that value is reduced under the assumption that
during construction, or after, the soil cannot be expected to remain
undisturbed at its final designated elevation. A better solution is to use a
base shear key, if necessary.

2.- The friction coefficient is a mechanical property of the materials
involved, regardless of the design method used. The safety factor is the
ratio of the resisting and the applied loads. How can the soil report say
the safety factor if the design has not been done yet?

Javier Encinas
ASDIP Structural Software
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Date: Friday, March 31, 2000 12:09 PM
Subject: Retaining wall question

>Hi all;
>I am designing a 10' retaining wall where the soils report gives
>a passive value of 400 psf and a coef. of friction of 0.3 for bedrock.
>The report states that these are allowable design values and have a factor
>of safety of question is whether this is the same safety factor
>required for sliding by the ubc, or are the ubc factors in addition?
>Tarek Mokhtar, SE
>Laguna Beach, CA.