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Re: Responsibility to complete projects through construction.

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>What responsibility  does an engineer have to follow a job through completion
>during construction? If  the original work agreement covered only structural
>design, what responsibility  does the EOR have to follow the project through
>Dennis S. Wish, PE
>Structural Engineering Consultant
>(208) 361-5447 E-Fax
Dennis, the state legislature answered this question in the PE Act, at Sec
6735.1.  Look it up at:

(I suggest not using the pdf version, of the two choices)

Signing plans for fixed works does not impose a legal duty to perform
"supervision" of the construction, where "supervision" is defined in Sec
6703.1 as essentially the familiar periodic observation of construction to
determine general compliance with the plans.

Nevertheless, you are being a friend of public safety, and of yourself, if
you can take a peek at the place on your own. I blew a whistle to the local
bldg official one time, when I saw the job being butchered. He ordered the
builder to fix things and to follow the approved plans. One doesn't want to
be heavy handed at this, however.

Charles O. Greenlaw, SE