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RE: Welding & TI 809-26

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Thanks, Harold. I take that as a big compliment, and it means a lot from
you. Your expertise is always respected on this server.

I prepared the document for the Corps, under contract through URS/ Greiner.
It's always a challenge to put this material into usable terms, and satisfy
the Corps requirements. I'm glad it is considered valuable to the
engineering community today.

Bob Shaw
Steel Structures Technology Center

PS - I'm planning on bringing the Structural Welding: Design and
Specification seminar back to Kansas City this Fall. I'm focusing on the
West Coast in April, and the East in May. St. Louis, KC, Denver is included
in the list for Fall.

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Subject: Welding & TI 809-26

To all those that require welding of any type.

Get a copy of the USACE TI 809-26, Welding - Design Procedures and
Inspections, 1 March 2000.  It is one of the most comprehensive welding
documents that I have seen.  It covers welding, alloys, welding to existing
old structures, studs, inspection, high seismic, fatigue, design
considerations, etc.  It is a must read available for the price of free from
the USACE at

My hat is off to the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Harold Sprague