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Re: Responsibility to complete projects through construction.

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I think it's unclear what our responsibility during the construction phase of a project is if we have no agreement with the owner for services during that phase. 
I include construction observations services in the agreement, and define what I will do, for all of my design projects -- no exceptions; I will not take a projects unless construction observation is included in the agreement. 
For a very small number of projects, I never hear from the owner after the building permit has been issued, and, in some cases, may never find out whether or not the project was built.  Since billing is for services provided, those owners save the cost of my fee.  That's O.K. -- I've plenty to do -- but its important to me that the owner know what I proposed to do.  I've never had a project for which I didn't discover an important reason for  me to have been on site during construction -- the best of drawings need interpretation to the contractor; the best of contractors never does everything correctly.  If the owner chooses to proceed without my construction observation services, at least I make sure that its clear that he had agreed to have me provide them.
Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer