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RE: Shiners

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Plywood diaphragm capacities can be determined by calculation, and are
almost always driven by the lateral capacity of the nailing.  I would
determine the lateral nail capacity for full penetration, and for the
partial penetration, and ratio the diaphragm capacity based on the
lateral nail capacities.

Charles F. Espenlaub, III, P.E. 
Martin-Espenlaub Engineering 

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Subject: Shiners

Dealing with wood diaphragms where sheathing is 5/8", blocking is flat
2x and 10d nailing.

How does one reduce the plywood diaphragm capacities listed in the UBC
where a 10d nail having required 1.776" penetration goes through the
main member of 1.5" creating shiners; or do we?


Joseph Harouni