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Re: Joist Program

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I have deleted the previous posts regarding this subject, but I have some info that may be of some help.  I have copies of two joist different manufacturers engineering sheets that show the panel lengths, top & bottom chord sizes and the web member sizes.  They were used in the manufacture of the old "S" series joist, but the design is still applicable with upgrade to the newer high strength steels.  One is from the old Laclede Steel Company where the top and bottom chords were of double angles and the web members were of round bars.  The other is from the now defunct Cahaba Steel Company where only the top chord is of double angles with the bottom chord and web members are of round bars.
I'll be glad to hunt them up, scan them and send them to the party that originally inquired if it would be of any help.  The design of a warren type truss is a fairly straight forward matter using the parameters set forth in the SJI manual.  I have seen these programs set up on a spreadsheet and may even have a copy archived somewhere around here.
Jimmy  C.......(hisself)