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Re: stapled sheet metal blocking (wood diaphragm)

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Bob, the stapled sheet metal strips do the blocking. The edges of the sheathing pieces should be "restrained" in alignment (T&G edges or h-shaped edge clips for wood structural panel sheathing) so that the staples don't withdraw if subjected to construction
loads (foot traffic, material buggy wheel loads etc.) over the deck.
John Rose/APA, Tacoma, WA

Robert Kazanjy wrote:

> "Mark E. Deardorff" wrote:
> > Not to sound flippant, Ben, but if the laws of physics are still valid, the report is probably still valid, too! We used this approach to retrofit uncblocked diaphragms. We used sheet metal strips at the joints with screws, but the concept is similar.
> >
> I agree with Mark but how does one "block" the edges of the sheet sheets?
> Bob