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Re: Shiners

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Contact APA (help(--nospam--at) and ask for APA Report T98-22. Based on EYM
principles in AF&PA NDS, it has been determined that 10d common nail can
achieve full lateral load capacity with 1.5" penetration into framing.
This provision will be in 2000 IBC, and it is in a new ICBO ES report for
APA's Standard PRP-108 for wood structural panels.

A potential problem to watch for is that 10d nails driven at close spacing
in flat 2x blocking may split the blocking. It might be preferable to use
8d com nails (min. 1.375" penetration for full lateral load); or so-called
10d drive screw nails (0.135" dia. x 2.125" long), which have same lateral
load capacity as 10d com nails.

John Rose/APA, Tacoma, WA

Charles Espenlaub wrote:

> Plywood diaphragm capacities can be determined by calculation, and are
> almost always driven by the lateral capacity of the nailing.  I would
> determine the lateral nail capacity for full penetration, and for the
> partial penetration, and ratio the diaphragm capacity based on the
> lateral nail capacities.
> Charles F. Espenlaub, III, P.E.
> Martin-Espenlaub Engineering
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> Subject: Shiners
> Dealing with wood diaphragms where sheathing is 5/8", blocking is flat
> 2x and 10d nailing.
> How does one reduce the plywood diaphragm capacities listed in the UBC
> where a 10d nail having required 1.776" penetration goes through the
> main member of 1.5" creating shiners; or do we?
> Thanks,
> Joseph Harouni