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RE: dual grade steel availability in Ontario

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The standard specification for wide-flange shapes in the US is now A992, but
a lot of engineers are just now discovering this. There is still plenty of
A572, gr 50 and A36 material around. I've heard of some steel distributors
(warehouses) that have been charging a premium for A992, which makes no
sense at all because that is what the domestic mills roll today. If you want
steel from abroad, from third world nations, then no doubt you're going to
get A36 (or what they call A36). Since many steel distributors buy imported
steel, they may want more money for the good stuff.

Bob Shaw

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Subject: dual grade steel availability in Ontario

I have been specifying Grade 50 steel for my wide
flange beams for the last couple years because I have
been told that there really is no increase in cost for
W-shapes that are not very heavy (say less than 100
plf).  I have a job in Ontario now and have been told
that this is not the case there and that I should spec
A36.  Does anyone know if this correct?
Thanks for your help
Ken Peoples P.E.

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