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Re: dual grade steel availability in Ontario

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Grade 50 steel has been the basic grade for production of W and HP shapes
in Canada for more than 3 years now. You may still be able to spec and find
some shapes in grade A36 steel though. For angles and channels most likely
the grade is still A36.

For more information contact: Canadian Institue of Steel Construction

Majid Sarraf
Research Assistant Professor
National Bridge Research Organization, NaBRO
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

At 05:40 AM 4/5/00 -0700, you wrote:
>I have been specifying Grade 50 steel for my wide
>flange beams for the last couple years because I have
>been told that there really is no increase in cost for
>W-shapes that are not very heavy (say less than 100
>plf).  I have a job in Ontario now and have been told
>that this is not the case there and that I should spec
>A36.  Does anyone know if this correct?
>Thanks for your help 
>Ken Peoples P.E.
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