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Re: AITC pole embedment design

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Chapter 18 of the Uniform Building Code specifys a methology for designing embedded poles, however this is limited to 12 feet.  The United states Steel Sheet pile Design Manual gives another type of mythology for embedded poles.  Both methods are also addressed in ASSHTO's design manual for Sound walls.

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>>> lvtakp(--nospam--at) 04/03/00 06:17AM >>>
I have used AITC's pole type foundation procedure in
the past but have recently switched jobs and don't
have an AITC manual handy.  I don't plan on doing much
(if any) timber construction design where I am now and
don't really want to ask the company to buy another
book at this time - but I need to do a pole type
foundation.  Can I find this procedure somewhere else
- or could someone please fax this to me?
Ken Peoples, P.E.
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