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Re: Partition loading

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> Question 1:  Is it proper to cite a standard to omit a code
> requirement?
> This does provide a certain leverage with the building official, and
> legal cover if a dispute arises, but it does not strictly speaking
> meet the code, and is thus more speculative than meeting the code
> should trouble arise.  If a lawyer asked you if you met code, the
> honest answer would be "no".
>  Question 2:  Does UBC offer an exception similar to ANSI?
> Not specifically that I am aware of.  There is some discussion of
> using other rational approaches, and you could try to shoe-horn it
> into 1605.2 if the ANSI has some good background that you could
> present.  It is probably not justifiable on a global design basis,
> however.  Wall have mass that exerts load on the things they sit
> on. Question 3:  Has it been proven that walls have no mass?  When
> designing the foundation system, how does one include the partition
> weight if it has been omitted in the floor design?
> It is a good idea to include it.  If it is neglected, then your are
> effectively undercutting your loads and reducing your load
> factors/factors of safety.
>  Question 4:  What does the floor joist spacing have to with anything,
> unless the exception has to do solely with the design of the floor
> deck?
> Off hand, it would appear to be a floor sheathing specific item, as
> joist spacing would effect the sheathing's ability to span between
> joists.  Perhaps some else has a better insight.
> Paul Crocker