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RE: SE designation online?

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Illinois offers the NCEES Structures I and II exam.  Pass those and you
can be licensed in Illinois (assuming that you meet all other criteria).
There are other states that at least offer the NCEES Structures I
exam...which ones I couldn't tell you.

To get an SE license in Washington, you must also take and pass a
"Structures III" exam, which I believe is ONLY done in Washington.  Thus I
would assume that you would have to travel to Washington.  As well,
Washington require more experience than Illinois (6 years...I believe).

California does not use the NCEES exams (at least not yet) must take
the "Western States" exam.  I believe that California is the only state to
require that exam, and I would assume that it is only offered in CA.
Also, it is my understanding that you can only get your SE in California
3 years AFTER you have gotten a California PE.

I am sure others can elaborate more or correct any mis-statments.

Hope this helps.

Scott Maxwell, SE (Illinois), PE (Michigan)

On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, Todd Hill wrote:

> Illinois offers the Structural Exam.
> That way you only have to travel halfway across the country.
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> Subject: SE designation online?
> Hello:
> Are there any states that offer the Structural Engineering part of the exam
> online or by some other method other than appearing at an exam location? I
> am from the east coast and would like to take the structural part of the
> exam without having to travel to California or Washington. The state I live
> in does not offer the structural exam separate from the PE exam.
> Thanks,
> John G., PE