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RE: Wind & Expanded metal mesh

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I don't yet have the ASCE 7-98, but the ASCE 7-95 has a Table 6-9 "Force
Coefficients for Open Signs and Lattice Frameworks".  There is also a
section and commentary "Air-Permeable Cladding" with a reference to
an Australian publication "Wind Loadings on Porous Cladding" by Cheung &

The % open has to be fairly large in order to get any reduction in wind
pressures due to the nature of the drag on multiple components as opposed to
a single flat element.

CPP in Fort Collins, CO has some recent experience with this when the
Stratosphere in Las Vegas installed some expanded metal to protect people
from shoes of passengers on the rides.  They performed some wind tunnel

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Wind & Expanded metal mesh
> I will be designing some "eyebrows" that cantilever approx 4' out from the
> face of a concrete tilt-up wall.  The architect will be covering them in
> expanded metal mesh that is supported by steel framing.  If the expanded
> metal mesh is 50% open, can I reduce the wind loads (especially uplift)
> applied to it, and if so by how much?  How about if the mesh is 90% open?
> Is there any references or good sources on something like this?
> Thanks in advance
> Mike O'Brien