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SAC Guidelines

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On Wednesday 4/5 Tom Hunt asked the status of the SAC Guidelines.

The final drafts fo these documents are scheduled to be sent to FEMA for final
review and approval in about 2 weeks (assuming I live that long).  They will be
pritned this summer and distributed by the fall.  There are 5 volumes:

FEMA 350 Recommended Seismic Design Criteria for New Moment Resisting Steel

FEMA 351 Recommended Evaluation and Upgrade Criteria for Welded Moment Resisting
Steel Frame Structures

FEMA 352 Post Earthquake Evaluation and Repair Criteria

FEMA 353 Quality Assurance Guidelines

FEMA 354 Recommended Specifications for Moment Resisting Steel Frames for
Seismic Applications

We will also try to make these available on the world wide web before the paper
copies are available.