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RE: dual grade steel A992??

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ASTM A992-98 is listed in the Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings
(1997) Supplement No. 1, dated February 15, 1999.  Supplement No. 1 can be
downloaded from the AISC web site.  The advantages of ASTM A992 in lieu of A572
gr.50 are as follows:
     1. Maximum CE of 0.45% vs none specified for A572.
     2. Maximum yield point of 65 ksi vs none specified for A572.
     3. Maximum yield to tensile ratio of 0.85 vs none specified for A572

Evan Jorgensen

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The ASTM A992 steel is new, issued in early 1999. It isn't listed in any of
the current AISC Specs because of their age. It will be listed in the new
AISC LRFD Spec when it comes out this summer, and the new AISC Seismic
Provisions when issued. It's also listed in AWS D1.1:2000 as prequalified.

For more info, check this page: