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RE: SIte specific ground motion info

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The structures that I design are also outside the US and frequently require
site specific ground motions.  More often than not, a site specific response
spectra is adequate.  A specialty firm is generally hired.  Geomatrix is
working on one of my projects and URS is working on another.  They both have
extensive international experience.  There are several others that can
provide this service.  Another couple that come to mind is EQE and GeoRisk.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	SIte specific ground motion info
> I am working on an industrial  project outside the US, and the client
> wants
> us to design as per UBC.  The area is potentially zone 3 or 4.  Our
> structures are usually highly non-regular (mass, stiffness...etc).  UBC
> therefore requires a dynamic analysis.
> My question to you is where can we get ground motion information specific
> to
> a site outside the US and yet satisfying UBC?.  The information reuired is
> either: 1) site specific Ca & Cv, 2) site specific response spectra or 3)
> local time histories?
> Thank you in advance for your help
> Regards