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Re: Seismic loads, Mexican Code vs. UBS]

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MOC (Manual de Diseño de Obras Civiles) states analysis type according to
structure type.

"I have downloaded the USACE Seismic Design Manual No. 5-809-10, as suggested
by Mr. Thomas Hunt (I'll send him my phone bill ). This manual states that
dynamic analysis is required for the worst soil class, regardless of seismic
zone. Does the same apply for soil type III, zone A, in Mexico, or is it
allowed to use a static lateral force procedure (elastic/plastic?)."

"There have been mentioned two codes; The Federal District Code for Mexico
City (RCFD) and The Government Electricity Commission Code (CFE). Where does
"MOC-93" fit into the picture?"

MOC (Manual de diseño de Obras Civiles) is a federal regulation by CFE
(Comision Federal de Electricidad).

hope this helps

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