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RE: SE designation online?

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[For lurkers who are staffers on one of the US's 50 PE boards, please don't
skip this posting.  See the bottom for a useful hint on how to help.]

If your saying that your state board won't offer the structural exam because
they don't issue such a license in your state, your right.  But if your
saying your home state won't administer the California/Washington/Illinois
Structural Exam on behalf of the California/whatever PE Board being taken by
the residents of that state, your wrong.

Before going on that drive, try contacting your state board.  It could be
that the request has to officially come from California/ Washington/etc.
because they have to "accept" your credentials first.  And I believe the
California SE Board's FAQs say that this exam is done all the time.

Of course, with gasoline now over $1.50/gal, postal stamps still costing 33
cents, and phone calls as low as ... free (allegedly, but even the 5 cent
calls is cheap enough)....I guess there is some advantage to not bother
trying and driving across the country just to be sure.

Of course, it would be nice for someone from one of the US's fifty PE boards
(preferably the staff employee who handles this kind of question all the
time) to post something here on this "ministerial" matter.

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You like suggesting the hard road, don't you? <grin> I think I'd rather
_drive_ across the country then try to get my state's board to offer the
structural exam.


On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Ray Pixley wrote:

> Supposedly your home state can administer the SE exam.  They do it the
> time and place when the PE exam is done.  Try contacting your home state's
> PE board.