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Building Retrofitting

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I am retrofiting a two stories buildings built in the 60's.  Building is
rectangular 30ft  x 90ft and 22 feet tall, reinforced concrete frame system,
with captivity column potential.  I am concern with deteriorating the
building condition while excavating to built the foundation of the shear
walls to be installed in the center of symmetry, along longitudinal
dimension.  I ve been thinking of using a system of two thin walls wrapping
the existing cmu wall and beeffing up the first floor slab with epoxies and
embed the bars into the existing first level floor (this will clear the
first story beam), the sandwich walls will then be extended easier to the
second story.  Has somebody tried this before? or heard of a simmilar system

Your help is appreciated.  Thanks a lot


PECMS  Jose M. Mendez