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Re: Monitoring of structural behavior

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We have instrumented a 460' two-span continuous high performance steel
girder bridge in Omaha, Nebraska. More than 90 strain and displacement
sensors have been installed in various locations.

This is a staged construction project. We have been constantly monitoring
the behavior of the bridge construction from the day one until now. The
objective is to measure the actual creep and shrinkage deflection and
validate our models for predication of deflections. For closure pour and
joining the adjacent deck sections which are completed at different time,
it is critical that they have the same elevations.

More information can be found in the up-coming issue of BRIDGE TALK.

Majid Sarraf
Research Assistant Professor 
National Bridge Research Organization (NaBRO)

At 03:11 PM 4/7/00 -0500, you wrote:
>     I was recently asked for information on actual structures that have
>been outfitted with strain gauges, accelerometers, and/or other monitoring
>devices. Do any of you know of examples where this has been done?  Charlie