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RE: SE designation online?

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I am not going to disagree...I have never tried to even see if I could
have my state's board administer one of those exams.

I made that statement more because I doubt, I would want to endure the
hassle and red tape to attempt to get it to occur.  As an example, I had
to call my board's office twice to get a copy of the most recent printing
the PE act booklet in Michigan.  I also know that if I need to talk to
someone at the Illinois office about my SE license, I will typically be on
hold at least an 1/2 hour.  Now, I don't blame them...I just can do
without the additional life is fun enought already.


On Fri, 7 Apr 2000, Ray Pixley wrote:

> [For lurkers who are staffers on one of the US's 50 PE boards, please don't
> skip this posting.  See the bottom for a useful hint on how to help.]
> If your saying that your state board won't offer the structural exam because
> they don't issue such a license in your state, your right.  But if your
> saying your home state won't administer the California/Washington/Illinois
> Structural Exam on behalf of the California/whatever PE Board being taken by
> the residents of that state, your wrong.
> Before going on that drive, try contacting your state board.  It could be
> that the request has to officially come from California/ Washington/etc.
> because they have to "accept" your credentials first.  And I believe the
> California SE Board's FAQs say that this exam is done all the time.
> Of course, with gasoline now over $1.50/gal, postal stamps still costing 33
> cents, and phone calls as low as ... free (allegedly, but even the 5 cent
> calls is cheap enough)....I guess there is some advantage to not bother
> trying and driving across the country just to be sure.
> Of course, it would be nice for someone from one of the US's fifty PE boards
> (preferably the staff employee who handles this kind of question all the
> time) to post something here on this "ministerial" matter.
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> You like suggesting the hard road, don't you? <grin> I think I'd rather
> _drive_ across the country then try to get my state's board to offer the
> structural exam.
> Scott
> On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Ray Pixley wrote:
> > Supposedly your home state can administer the SE exam.  They do it the
> same
> > time and place when the PE exam is done.  Try contacting your home state's
> > PE board.