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Re: cmu wall support on steel " I" BM

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I would say "yes"...with some notes.

First, when even you sit masonry on a supported floor or beam (as opposed
to a footing or thicken slab on grade), you need to be careful of
deflection.  Your beam or floor slab will now need to be designed to a
deflection of L/600 is you are using most masonry codes.  This can make
for some awfully BIG beams, especially if the wall is a bearing wall.

Second, if the beam requires reinforcment, then this can be accomplished
1) welding the bars to the top of the beam...this is not the most
desirable option, since I believe this weld can be rather brittle and
difficult to accomplish...also you need to make sure that the rebar you
are using the appropriately weldable.  Also, typically this means field
welding because bars welded in the shop would likely be knocked off during
 2) weld a rebar coupler onto the beam then use a rebar
dowel into the coupler.  Companies like Erico make couplers that meant to
be welded to steel that then accept rebar.

Both above rebar options would be best done with a dowel that gets
attached to the beam and is long enough to allow a lap splice (or
mechanical splice) to be fully developed.  Then the main bars of the wall
can be spliced to the dowels.

Last, this whole idea may be unadvisable in high seismic zones.  I have
only done masonry work in low seismic zones, so I have not put much
thought to problems that earthquakes could pose to this type of masonry
construction.  Someone else might offer some thoughts.

Hope this helps.


On Sat, 8 Apr 2000, Francisco Duarte wrote:

> Can it be possible to support a CMU bearing wall by a steel "I " beam ,
> if so how does the CMU reinforcing bars  tie into the STEEL BEAM?
> any comment will be of great help and I thank you in advance for it.
> Millions of thanks,
> Francisco Duarte,
> E.I.T.