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A bridge Rescue

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I m asking about the replacement mode for some beams of a wharf (a bridge
built instead of a port to change importing and exporting products), built
in post-tensioned concrete. THese beams are very damaged (corrosion,, so we
do rehabilitation , but a high risk of collapse is always present.
So we decide to replace these beams using steel girders instead of concrete
due to the agressivity of the marine site, and the difficulty found in
maintenance of concrete structures, not found in steel ones.
THe specail case we have is two spans that are renforced in 1986, due to a
large extent of damage, by an external post tensioning, so that a continuous
span was made by these two spans.

We'll use a temporary Waren (Baiely) bridge while cuting prestressed tendons
of these 2 spans "continued" to maintain exploitation af the bridge.

So I need to discuss about this methodology if it has a benefit or no?
gathring from other experiences done in some other countries.
Below there is some pictures of the bridge.

( Because, i tried for my first message to include pictures, this later was returned to me due to its big size, and can't be listed in the list. So, for who are more interested to these pictures and want to help me, please contact me at : kamal.aghbal(--nospam--at) )

Kamal Aghbal
Project manager, S.E,
E-mail : kamal.aghbal(--nospam--at)

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