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Re: Existing steel joist manufacturer?

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<<  24-BB6-18
Roll cut top & bottom chords (5 GA).
13/16" diam. rod webs.
Existing structure is in Hermitage, PA. Built in 1966.
This would be under SJI load tables 9 or 10 published from 1961 to 1971 comprising the "J" and "H" series of joist.  It would help if one knew the depth of the joist, the span length and the depth of the shoe at end bearing.  Usually one finds that the end diagonal web member is slightly larger than the other web members.  My old Ceco catalog, circa 1963, notes a 24J8 as having an end diagonal of .844 and other web members as .781.  This was the largest section of the short span series joist at the time.  The 24J8 lists a resisting moment in inch pounds of 540,000 and a max end reaction of 5,000 lbs.  The 24H8 lists these same properties as 716,000 and 6,000 respectively.  I would strongly suspect  that if the joist has cold formed chord members and was in the PA area it was manufactured by Malcomer.  Sorry, but I do not have their catalog of that era handy.
A good reference for this type of thing is the SJI Technical Digest No.7, "50-Year Steel Joist Digest."
Jimmy  C.......(hisself)