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Re: cmu wall support on steel " I" BM

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Scott  wrote

>>>1) welding the bars to the top of the beam...this is not the most
desirable option, since I believe this weld can be rather brittle and
difficult to accomplish...also you need to make sure that the rebar you
are using the appropriately weldable.<<<,

I am curious as to why the weld will be brittle if you used weldable rebar
and if the welds were done in accordance with the welding procedures?  Also
I would like to understand how, what I would assume is a down hand weld to
the top of the beam would be difficult to accomplish?
>>> Also, typically this means field welding because bars welded in the
shop would likely be knocked off during transporation.<<<<

I can understand rebar being bent during shipping but I would like to
understand how the bars could be easily  knocked off if you had used
weldable reinforcing bar and had followed the welding procedures?

Mark Gilligan