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Re: cmu wall support on steel " I" BM

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> I am curious as to why the weld will be brittle if you used weldable rebar
> and if the welds were done in accordance with the welding procedures?  Also
> I would like to understand how, what I would assume is a down hand weld to
> the top of the beam would be difficult to accomplish?

Very true.  I admit I was a little sloppy in my response.  If proper
welding procedures and appropriate rebar material is used (A716 if my
faulty memory serves me correct) then there should be few problems with
welding the bars directly to the beam.

>>> Also, typically this means field welding because bars welded in the
> shop would likely be knocked off during transporation.<<<<
> I can understand rebar being bent during shipping but I would like to
> understand how the bars could be easily  knocked off if you had used
> weldable reinforcing bar and had followed the welding procedures?

Again, I probably should have said " the shop could be knocked
off..." so as indicate a remote possibility instead of a good probability
of it occuring.  Also, I was assuming that the likelihood of the use of
non-weldable rebar could be use by accident (or not).  Welding is a good
option, I just prefer to use the mechincal couplers welded to the beam.