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RE: IBC 2000 Adoption??

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According to the January 2000 issue of Wisconsin Building Codes Report,
Wisconsin could adopt the IBC in July 2001 with an effective date of July
2002.  The International Mechanical Code could be adopted in April 2001 with
an effective date of October 2001.  This is from an article by James Smith,
who heads the committee overseeing the conversion.

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It is understood that a few states (Wisconsin, maybe others) plan to adopt
IBC this year.
John Rose/APA

Bill Allen wrote:

> The SEAINT website states that the IBC 2000 *may* be adopted as early as
> July!! Is this true or has Shafat been putting interesting stuff in his
> again?
> Regards,
> Bill Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)
> Laguna Niguel, CA