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Virus Software - InoculateIT

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I am writing this for the general information of members of this list.  Stan 
Caldwell may be, particularly, interested.

I have been using the, free, InoculateIT virus protection software (, 
since August.  Last Saturday I downloaded the virus signature updates. Guess 
what? Immediately after installation of the update, my computer became 
extremely slow; Booting alone took 6 minutes. I used "scandisk" and "disk 
defragmenter" utilities to clean up the drives. Next, I used InoculateIT to 
scan for viruses, which turned out to be negative.  I also made sure that no 
other documents, etc., were downloaded on the computer after I downloaded the 
virus update.  Having eliminated all other suspects, I uninstalled the 
"InoculateIT" program and, bingo, everything is normal again.  This leads me 
to believe that the virus signature updates may have had some "bug" in it.  
So, I have not reinstalled the virus protection software, yet.  Did anyone 
else using that software experience similar problems?  Please let me know, so 
that I can decide on what I should do next for virus protection.  The 
computer geeks are becoming ingenious at the art of producing devastating 
viruses.  Wonder whether next global war will be fought with the help of such 
computer viruses and not with biological viruses?

P. Rajendran
Service & Technology Corporation
105 SW Penn
Bartlesville, OK 74003
Ph: 918 336 8161  FAX: 918 336 8265