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'K' tables for concrete

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Title: 'K' tables for concrete

In our office we have K-charts for use in reinforcing selection for concrete and in fact have a spreadsheet that publishes these values for different combinations of conc and steel strengths.  These charts have 3 lines on them, rho min, rho max, and an intermediate line.  When I first was introduced to the chart, it was explained that the intermediate line represented a rule-of-thumb "you might want to change your section if your k value is below this line."  There are notes on one of our older charts saying that a cracked section deflection computation should be used beyond the intermediate line.  Seems like this line was based upon research by some individual, but i cannot recall the name or locate any published reference material on this.

Does anyone know what i am referring to and/or have a reference that would detail exactly what the line really represents, and a formula that would give us the correct intermediate line?

thanks in advance

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